by Boner City

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released April 1, 2016

"Kentucky" was recorded on January 31 and February 8, 2016 at Treehouse Audio by Trip Barriger and Pat Hume; mixed and mastered by Trip Barriger and Sean Roberts. Album design by Andy Cozzens. Cassette duplication by Joseph at Tape Deck Records.



all rights reserved


Boner City Louisville, Kentucky

Booger Boner – guitar, lead & backup vocals

Sally Boner –
bass, lead & backup vocals

Handy Andy – drums and cymbals, 1-2-3-4s & backup vocals

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Track Name: Doodley Squat
I got doodley squat
Yeah that's what I got
I gotta poundin' in my head
and my guts are in a knot

I gotta hustle and pry
Gotta shimmy shake and jive
If I don't come up with some bread
Then they're gonna break my legs

I gotta walk the streets
Gotta use my feet
Cause they're rappin' at my door
and yeah they're lookin' for me

Can you give me one more day man
There's gotta be a way
I can ask my mom and dad
Then maybe I can pay

Well I wish that I had something more I could say
But I don't
Can you just hold on for one more day?
Track Name: Hunka Hunka
Boy I've seen you dancin'
I really dig your moves
Rockin' to the beat
Like you ain't got shit to prove
(you ain't got shit to prove)

The way you shake your hips
and you clap your hands yeah
lettin' it all hang out you're my kinda man
(hunka hunka hunk of a man)

At the end of the night
If everything's alright
Be mine

Boy I've seen you dancin'
to the rockin' bands
Can I take you home?
Can I take you by the hand?
(take me by the hand)

Lemme see those hips shake
Give me a private dance
Show me what you're workin' with
Show me what you do with your hands
(what else can you do with your hands)
Track Name: Imagination
Alone at home
I’m waiting by the phone
I can’t read
I can’t sleep
I’m turning in my sheets

Click and scroll
Dicks, chest hair, and assholes
Don’t satisfy my soul

So I
I close my eyes
But my
My dirty mind won’t call it a night

Gyration, Vibration
All Across the nation
It’s the new sensation
Track Name: Die Young
I wanna die young
I wanna die young
With a ton of additives in my lungs
I wanna die young
I wanna die young
With ten thousand rock-hard boners in my bum

I don't treat my body right
I don't treat myself well
I just wanna party
Go to hell

I wanna die young
I wanna die young
Please don't tell my mom that I wrote this song

I wanna die young
I wanna die young
Will someone please pass me a bong
Track Name: Fool's Gold
Pit stop, it's midnight
The car is black as the sky
Let's dance until we die
No one's here to stop us

It's dark outside and no one is around
Let's build a fire and burn it to the ground

It's just us here
Under the gaze of mountain lions
Open the bottle
Drink it down and toss it somewhere
Track Name: Sour Fuck
She is sour
She's not sweet
From her itty bitty head
Down to her teeny boppin' feet
She's no one's baby, no one's treat
She'll put you in the ground
You know she's always packin' heat

She's not sweet
(She's fuckin' sour)
She's no treat
(Gonna charge you by the hour)
She's not sweet, she's fuckin' sour
(it's true)
She didn't say “hell yeah,” she said “fuck you”
(fuck you)
Track Name: Speed
Clench my teeth
Rub my junk raw
43 hours and a wound tight jaw

Why are all my friends doing hard drugs?
(hard drugs) 4x

Go fast
(you're the shit yeah)
Have a blast
(take another hit yeah)
And if you die
(and if you die yeah)
It wasn't a surprise
(wasn't a surprise yeah)

Scrub the floor
Kick down your friend's door
Apologize? What for?
I can't wait until I get some sores
Track Name: Creature From The Black Lagoon
Well I saw you swimmin' by the beach
and I thought that you looked fine
I thought so much woman Boner City
I'll have to make you mine

But I ain't got the looks
And I've never read a book
So I sneak into your tent
Tear the face off of your goonie
Now I'm after your boyfriend

Creature from the Black Lagoon
Track Name: Ain't Me
Well I drink too much
and I eat too much
and I've got this abundance from working two jobs
but I work a lot
mostly I just talk a lot
I spend all my time just trying to stay busy

But lately I've found it ain't me
It's you
I'm always using the same excuse
I gotta work in the morning
I've got a head ache
I feel like shit
I always do
it's just cause I don't wanna hang out with you

Well I don't sleep a lot
but I dream a lot
I've got all these places I wanna go
but a never ending set of expectations
Track Name: Hit The Waves
Gotta hit the waves
Hit the waves
Gotta hit the waves
Gotta hit the waves
Hit the waves
(Hit the waves!)

Biters, bruisers, assholes, losers
Pretty girls, hardcore drug users
Congregate at the house of blood
This is our idea of fun yeah

Party time is far past over
Everyone is far from sober
Mike has got a bloody nose
And someone knocked our flour over

Eat my butt yeah your band sucks
Beat on the brat with my brass knucks
Jump me, pull my fucking hair
I got mine but they got theirs yeah

Party's over, hippies linger
A glass-eyed glare I point my finger
Your time is up, your luck's run out
Get out of my fucking house
Track Name: Lose My Mind
Well I go drinking from time to time
and if I don't I may lose my mind
because I can't have any fun on my own
And I go to shows from time to time
drinking, dancing, losing my mind
I guess its just me trying to give back

And my ideas don't seem like my own
Oh no, oh no, oh no

Well I go to work from time to time
Wanna give the boss a piece of my mind
But then I guess I'd be out of the job

I still go broke from time to time
Booze and drugs can rob you blind
And every winter I ain't got no home

I go to jail from time to time
And it ain't no one's fault but mine
I just wanna say I wanna go home

We rock'n'roll yeah all the time
That's somethin' you can't take that's mine
I'll keep rollin' on just like a stone